I swear this is still the fucking scariest sound in the world and it’s not only that it’s because you’re also completely naked and relaxed and the last thing you want to hear is some fucking hole near your feet screaming for your fucking genitals like come on man

Rum Rage // Sticky Fingers

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Anonymous asked:

What was your weekend like?

On the weekend I experienced and felt everything I wanted to and didn’t want to


down stairs

hey that’s me
Anonymous asked:

very nice words, im' sure she would be an special woman. Do you take photos all of your own? :)

Hahaha yes yes. Yep I take my own photo’s, I wanted to have a place where I could share the best and favorite photo’s I’ve taken and here it is!

bois / 15.8.2014
so I gave my friend a hair cut and my other friend put it on his face after accidentally shaving a slit through his eyebrow / 2.8.14
Anonymous asked:

"Better view" on a image you took with a window my friend :)

ahhhhh i see. well, perhaps i was craving waking up to the view of a beautiful woman that’s on my mind

Anonymous asked:

do you answer asked questions sbm? :)

hahaha yes i do, feel free to ask as much as you’d like!

Anonymous asked:

hey man cool blog. I like your captions a lot and photos. My english not very good i'm sorry. What would be the better view to see? :)

Thanks so much anon! In what sense are you asking about a better view love? x

I swear that there must be something with this moon. It has the power to pull the tides. It forms the opinion that the seasons follow. It governs the change that powers the happenings within our lives, that proposes ends, beginnings and all that is in between. I believe that it provokes something else within the universe, and therefore, within us.
Graz, Austria / 12.1.14
Anonymous asked:

who do you love?

well that’s a dangerous question

really enjoying waking up to this, 
but I could think of a few views that would be better
Poros, Greece / 5.7.2014