Miss these / 24.01.2014
I missed this little guy so much

Anonymous asked:

ooh girlfriend? ha ha alright then if you're not going to be a photographer, what will it be?

Funny you ask actually, i’m in Austria right now having a look at a few universities that take board. So far the general direction is a Building Engineer and i’m freaking myself out ngl

hello parents, we r fine tonigh ๐Ÿ˜Ž
9.7.14 Kuchl, Austria
8.7.14 Salzburg, Austria
Anonymous asked:

TUMBLRBOT: Who and what do you love

girl who u think u playin?

Anonymous asked:

can't you still post personal photos even if your friends have access to your page? :) your followers want to learn about YOU as well as your surroundings :)

maybes babes, just finding my feet a tiny bit more xo

7.7.14 Mondsee, Austria
Lovely by day, lonely by night
5.7.14 Hydra, Greece
4.7.14 Athens, Greece
Anonymous asked:

thats so cool, do you wanna be a photographer?

well maybe! But to be honest itโ€™s just for a lil fun