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3 TMI QUESTIONS: 1: are you seeing anyone, 2: What are you wearing right now, 3: Whats your fav thing about the opposite sex

It’s only TMI when i say it’s TMI.

1. No

2. Bed time clothes

3. Touch

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haha all of that sounds fantastic, i would love to live somewhere serene and quiet just for me, that would be amazing. What about friends there... Perhaps that special girl? Ps I hope you have noticed the improvement of my english :)

hahaha yes yes it’s really what i’m kicking towards rn. It’s not really about living, i’m talking about being - somewhere and something i could escape to, so no there wouldn’t be anybody else there. And yeah you’re killing it!

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What's going on in your life atm! Good and bad

Well, I just came out of holidays and they were so unbelievably wondrous, I managed to do so much. But then I came back to school overwhelmed and stressed (self blame) but that’s all settled now. I’m not sure, like I feel good, but not entirely right you know?

When I think about things I want to do the idea that resonates with me the strongest is the idea of waking up in a cottage on the side of a mountain in Europe, washing my face in a cold stream, having a slow morning with tea and coffee and then spending the rest of the day building all of the furniture for the cottage out of the timber that surrounds the cottage, like some real heavy metal Disney shit.

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omg i luv ur blog so much babe <3

Dankkee anon

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I have this stupid mentality right now that since I’m 17 this is my last year of having the freedom to be lazy and just do what needs to be done for school and all of that shit and I NEED TO STOP.

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