Sir Stirling / 14.9.2014
Yesterday / 16.9.2014
Robbie James a.k.a Selby - Nose Slide / 14.9.2014
Thirstin’ / 14.9.2014
YAAASS / 14.9.2014
Casual landscaping / 14.9.2014
It was like, James Dean, for sure / 14.9.2014
Anonymous asked:

Would love to see more photos of people, like portraits for example!!

Of course babe x

Fuck I love spring so much / 14.9.2014
It was just another pretty day / 11.9.2014
Anonymous asked:

Y would you be off balance?

Is anybody actually balanced?

Sunday sunsets (this is not my photo) / 7.9.2014
Adam took a shit in the bathtub / 6.9.2014
Poros, Greece / 5.7.2014
Anonymous asked:

I live in melb also and I think all the street art is great, I think you capture the essence of it all really well. I hope this isn't really personal but how old are you? Bc your photography skills are really really good

Oh thanks man, truly means a lot! Well most of the photo’s on here I took when I was 16, so it’s all a blur between the times really.